Audience: High School or College Students

Sean help students navigate the challenging transition from school into the working world. He shares his familiar experience after graduation – the responsibility, opportunity, and trepidation we all feel when faced with any major career decision. Lacking direction and overwhelmed with expectation, he speaks about his promise to find a career he was passionate about and how this led to the start of The One-Week Job Project. Sean describes how he came up with the idea to work 52 Jobs in 52 Weeks, the various adventures his journey took him on, and shares all of the valuable life lessons and career advice he learned along the way.


  • Sean’s inspiration behind the project, and the various adventures of his 52 week journey
  • How to deal with the pressure and expectation of parents, teachers, peers, and society
  • What makes people happy in their career
  • How to accept an entry-level job without feeling as if it’s settling, or compromising our goals
  • Choosing a career based on lifestyle, rather than expectation
  • Characteristics of the job, as opposed to the job title
  • It’s okay not to know!
  • How to take steps to discover our passion

Your talk was absolutely incredible! I felt as though you had climbed into my head and were explaining exactly how I feel! You are truly an inspiration to our generation!
– Britney, Student, Queen’s University

Audience: Companies, Team Meetings, Annual Conferences

Sean shares his inspirational story – his determination to find his passion, the extraordinary people he met along the way, and the high and lows of his yearlong journey. In trying out 52 different jobs, Sean worked in 52 different workplaces, had 52 different bosses (some better than others!), and worked alongside hundreds of co-workers. He’ll discuss what made a great workplace, his best boss vs not-so-best boss, what makes people happy at work, and how we can cultivate a passionate workplace.

“Sean won over our entire audience and had lines and lines of individuals waiting to meet him after our luncheon. I would highly recommend him for any speaking engagement, team-meeting or any other type of event. He is empowering, inspiring and an all-around great person!”
– Kristen Blessman, Goodwill Industries of Denver

Audience: Employers, Job Recruiters, Human Resource Associations

Sean provides perspective on the things in a job and work environment that are important to younger workers: How to attract, retain, train, motivate and fully engage them in the workplace. The generational divide is often seen as a sharp contrast between older generations, that often do a lot of the hiring and supervising, and the younger workers who feel misunderstood and frustrated with the working experience. After experiencing 52 different bosses and being exposed to 52 different work environments, Sean shares what he learned and helps bridge this apparent divide.

“The insight Sean has into the world of career development is outstanding. The feedback from our group was all positive – everyone was enamored by Sean and thoroughly enjoyed his story. If you bring Sean in to speak to your group, you won’t be disappointed!”
– Lettie Croskery, Human Resources Management Association of Lethbridge

Audience: Teachers, School Counselors, & Parents

Sean discusses how to engage students in conversation about the anxieties they are feeling as they enter the “real world.” He lends insight into concerns many young people feel as they approach graduation and offers suggestions on how best to prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Sean was the perfect fit for our event, everyone was inspired by his message and it could not have gone better. All the parents and youth who have spoken to me since the event have mentioned Sean’s presentation first and foremost as their highlight of the evening.
– Arielle Patterson, Youth Coordinator